By Oriol Mora and Carles Guitart.

Both artists are clearly inspired by the vibrant city of Barcelona in which they live.

Oriol Mora’s purpose for making work is specifically contained in the procedure. The intensity of his thoughts and spirit are captured within the carefully chosen colour fields in gestural horizontal and vertical lines. Responding spontaneously he works directly onto canvas, investigating pictorial space, composition, colour and form. His use of classical painting techniques combined with references that include Scully, Tapies, and Klee give us this unique, inspirational work.

Carles Guitart’s paintings are a journey of the long investigation he has undertaken concerning abstraction. His works are the consequence of the many questions he asks himself including the blurring of the boundaries between abstract and figurative art. His most recent paintings are focused on the effort to hide previous figurative paintings under nets of lines, creating grids that cover objects, symbols, maps and other representational images. Some of his paintings contain representational elements, but others have forgotten any symbol and are only dense grids born over previous paintings.

Both Oriol and Carles have been exhibiting their work across Spain and other countries since 1986, they have featured in magazines and have won many awards.

Preview: 2nd October 2009

Exhibition runs from: 3rd October – 22nd November 2009.

Gallery opening times: Wednesday – Sunday, 12 noon – 4pm


31st October
Workshop for Children! This will run from 10am-12noon. Come and have some Halloween fun creating masks and other spooky things with Mags and Rachel. This will be open to children aged 8 upwards. Best of all its FREE. Please call the gallery or email to reserve your child’s place.

7th November
Workshop for Children! This will run from 10am-12noon. Come and paint with Mags, Mags will be using the work in the gallery to inspire this workshop and will be teaching some basic painting techniques.

3rd October.
Artists’ Talk:

Wine and Cheese Evenings 6 -8pm. Artists’ Talk by Catalan Painters Oriol Mora and Carles Guitart will be talking about their work in the current exhibition and discussing ‘Catalan painting from Modernity to Post Modernity’.

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