love letter Debbie Covell
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Debbie Covell
Saturday 6th August – Sunday 18th September 2005

This collection of paintings records and documents personal aspects of the artist’s life which are informed and inspired by living in the coastal region of Saltburn.

Each painting begins on a gesso ground, onto which words are inscribed and engraved. These are then developed further until their content informs the mood and sentiment of the painting. Washes of ink are applied to more layers of gesso which are then partly sanded away, allowing previous imagery to be seen. This process can take months to complete, allowing the artist to record many different moods and experiences in the layers of imagery.

The paintings reflect the passage of time, as previous thoughts and memories intermingle with the present. The final images suggest land and seascapes, clouds and sky, which are created by delicate nuances of light and shade, mood and emotion.

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